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Transforming Agriculture Through Biotechnology in Africa


  • To become the most successful, profitable and respectable suppliers of agricultural biotechnology products affordable to farmers in Africa


  • To operate a profitable and sustainable organisation that will contribute to the Agriculture developement in East and Central Africa through dessemination and promotion of the use of Biotechnology results which are affordable to farmers.


  • To provide good quality dises she-fuge plantine materials of different crops in suficient quantities to farmers through the use of modern internationally tested and accepted tissue culture protocols and up to date equipment.

  • To offer high quality agronomic advisory/consultancy service to customers by employing a dynamic, qualified, dedicated, and experienced technical staff.



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Welcome to AGT Laboratories

We’re The leading plant tissue culture company in uganda.

Agro-genetic Technologies Ltd (AGT Laboratories) is the first privately owned company to use biotechnology through tissue culture techniques for micro propagation of different crops on a commercial basis in Uganda.

Since it's inception in 2002, AGT has built capacity to produce up-to 10 million Tissue Culture plants per annum(depending on the type of crop), and we are currently the largest tissue culture Laboratory in East and Central African Region Today.
We are currently producing tissue culture plants for banana, coffee, pineapple, irish potatoes, trees, fragrant and medicine plants etc. These Plants are Free from pest and diseases.
We are currently the largest single producers of banana tissue culture plants in Africa.

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Training and Advisory Services

In addition to producing tissue-cultured planting materials, AGT offers training and consultancy services on general agronomic practices to farmers in the Eastern and Central African Region.

Growing Tomorrow's Harvest: Nurturing Innovation, Cultivating Prosperity.